Sunday, April 21, 2013

Who is Nevin Moyer?

Nevin W. Moyer

Nevin W. Moyer (1876 - 1950) was born, raised, and worked in Lower Paxton Township when he died. Mr. Moyer for many was a noted authority on the history of Linglestown and Lower Paxton Township.  A teacher by profession, he also served in the military from 1902-1919.  

Mr. Moyer devoted many years to collecting relics and recording events that were used in local publications, including the book "Welcome Home Celebration for World War II Veterans of East Hanover, West Hanover, and Lower Paxton Townships", a book he authored in honor of the local vets.

Without the use of the information he acquired, the accounts of events that he wrote and the pictures he collected, the greater majority of the materials in this blog would not have been.

Thank you Mr. Moyer!

Nevin W. Moyer and his wife Sarah are buried in the newer part of Wenrich's Cemetery, across the street from St. Thomas United Church of Christ.


  1. I am looking for a family bible that was referenced in a DAR application as being owned by Mr. Moyer. Does anyone know his children or grandchildren and if the family still has the Meiss/Mease family bible?

  2. Hi. Kim, did you have any luck on your search? My wife’s family are the Mays descendants living near Buck’s county. I’d like to photograph this bible at the very least if possible.

  3. No, luck at all. I found a newspaper article that the bible was donated to the Hershey museum, but the museum seems to have lost track of it and are less than cooperative.