Sunday, December 15, 2013

Street Names of Linglestown

The following post was researched and written by Laura Gifford. Laura is a member of the Linglestown's Sestercentennial Committee.

In preparation for our sestercentennial, research has begun tracing the ownership of the original lots laid out by Thomas Lingle and three extensions of Linglestown using deeds.  This research has led to some interesting discoveries regarding the names of the roads in Linglestown.

Most of the roads have been around for as long as Linglestown has, but their names have changed over time.  Linglestown Road was originally named Market Street by Thomas Lingle.  Then, as now, this road extended well beyond Linglestown and was thus sometimes described as the road to Harrisburg, to the river, or to Fort Hunter. 

Blue Mountain Parkway was variously known as the road to Daniel Reem’s Stillroom or Mountain Alley.  

Linglestown Road and Blue Mountain Parkway *click to enlarge*

North Mountain Rd was called Mountain Street by Thomas Lingle, but was also called Front Street (1863), Main Street(1889), the road to Paxtonia, and confusingly also the road to Harrisburg.  The earliest use of North Mountain Road I’ve found is in 1963.  This road has been a public road since at least 1818; by 1926 it was part of state routes – Route 140 and then by 1941 Route 834. 

North Mountain Road. Note the trolley track on the right.

The western side of LaRue Street is the older part of this road.  It was originally named Walnut Street and the part closest to North Mountain Road was divided into lots in the early 1860s.  
Larue Street, Avis Lane, and Amber Street. *click to enlarge*

Avis Lane was around by then and was originally known as Penn Alley or Avenue.  The name change to Avis Lane appears to have occurred between 1960 and 1965.    

Finally, Amber Street, a street most of us have never encountered has had two other names – Branch Street, beginning by 1863, and Short Avenue.

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