Sunday, November 17, 2013

Linglestown's Famous Past

Many famous people throughout history have lived in Linglestown at one time in their life or they had forefathers who lived here.

The following people can all trace their ancestors back to Linglestown.

Lindley Murray: wrote the first English grammar book in America.

Lindley Murray

William Darby, English geographer and Rev. William Graham: founder of Washington and Lee University.

Major General George Barnett, head of the United States Marines during World War 1 was a descendant of the Barnett family. The Barnett's sold the land on which Linglestown is located, to Thomas Lingle.

James Buchanan, 15th President of the United States (1857-1861), could trace his family back to Rev. James Buchanan and wife.  Rev. Buchanan's wife was born in Linglestown. 

President James Buchanan

Three of President Dwight Eisenhower's ancestors lived in Linglestown, and are buried in Wenrich's cemetery at St Thomas United Church of Christ.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

John Eisenhower was the half brother of the great-great-grandfather of the 34th President.  John's wife, Catherine Planck, is buried next to him.  She is the daughter of Jacob Planck, a signer of the deed to the church property.  St Thomas UCC has a copy of an extensive Eisenhower genealogy.

Old Log House on the Unger Farm west of Linglestown (1967) .
This was the  homestead of the Peter Eisenhower family
who were the ancestors of President Eisenhower.

John Eisenhower's grave
Some of the forefathers of President Woodrow Wilson lived on the outskirts of Linglestown.

President Woodrow Wilson
Archibald Roan, son of Rev. Roan (a pastor at Wenrich's) became the second Governor of Tennessee.

Peter Bonavitz sold his land in Linglestown to Evangelical Brethren Church (now Linglestown Life Church) moved west and later became Governor of Iowa. His son became a senator there.

Archibald Roan

Governor David R. Porter of Pennsylvania (1839 -1845) owned a farm two miles west of Linglestown. 

Governor David R. Porter

Governor John Fisher of Pennsylvania (1927-1931) was related to the Thomas Lingle family.

Governor John Fisher
Henry Horner, former Governor of Illinios (1933-1940) and Alexander Ramsey, former Governor of Minnesota(1879-1881) had forefathers who lived in Linglestown.

Information for this post is from Lower Paxton Township Bi-Centennial Book and St Thomas UCC website.

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